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Happy Birthday John Mayberry

Former Jay first baseman John Mayberry turns 62 today.

Mayberry played for the Jays from 1978 until May of 1982. He was, at least for part of that time, one of our best player. He hit 92 home runs and drove in 272 for us. 

I don't remember all that much about him other than he was a big guy, always seemed happy and had a big, uppercut, left handed swing. He didn't hit for much of an average, but knew how to take a walks. 

Before coming to Toronto he played for the Royals for 6 seasons. He 143 home runs for them and received MVP votes in 4 of his seasons there and was an All-Star once. 

The Jays picked him up in a trade for cash, which seemed strange because, at the time, as he was one of the top first basemen in baseball. Apparently the Royals thought he had had a drug problem.

John is the father of John Mayberry, Jr. who is in the Phillies system and has had a few game with the major league team. He hit a home run against us in 2009.

You can read more about him in our Top 50 Jays profile.

Hope you have a great day John.