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Wednesday Bantering: Happy Birthday Travis Snider

Today is Travis Snider's birthday. He is all of 23 and has 675 major league plate appearances behind him. Can you imagine? Anyway, happy birthday Moonraker. I hope you are having a great one and that you have a great year. 

Some other bits of Jays news:

  • Other than Snider's birthday, this isn't a day to celebrate for Jay fans. Two years ago we signed Kevin Millar. And 6 years ago Rogers Corp renamed Skydome after itself, suddenly we had Rogers Center.
  • On the weekend Peter Mansbridge is interviewing the only Canadian born Hall of Famer, Fergie Jenkins, on his One on One program. Next week it will be posted on their website here
  • Rob Neyer is interviewed about joining SB Nation, among other things, here
  • MLB Bonus Baby gives us a list of the Top 20 International Signings of 2010. The Jays have 3 players on it.