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Sunday Morning Bantering

Happy Sunday. Not much for Jays' news out there. Here in Calgary, it is a bright and sunny -20C and the Flames and Habs are going to play hockey outside. I can't imagine anything worse than sitting outside watching hockey in a football stadium in what, at best, might be -10C weather with a wind chill. 

I don't really understand the nostalgia for something that none of today's NHLers experienced. All of today's players played their minor hockey, as kids, in arenas. Me, I played community hockey outside and I don't have fond memories of it. Shoveling the snow off the ice to play in the freezing cold. Coming home and jumping in a hot bath to try to get the feeling back into my feet. I think I played 2 or 3 games in arenas, I remember coming off the ice just soaked in sweat. Course, back then, coaching was different for kids than it is now. Parents, that knew nothing about the sport, would yell at us, figuring that would be the way to make us play better. There seemed to be no attention paid to the idea that it was supposed to be fun for the kids. After playing for a few years, I quit figuring if I wanted to be yelled at I could stay home. My parents could do it just fine.

Anyway, what little news there is seems all to be coming from Ken Fidlin in the Sun:

  • Ken has one story telling us trading for Rajai Davis was 'a Steal of a Deal'. A pun. I'd like to see him play some before calling it a win for the Jays. But he quotes Alex as saying:

"We thought in our program, with (hitting coach Dwayne Murphy), Rajai might thrive with our hitting philosophy. We also felt like, finding an outfielder who can play all three positions but can legitimately play in centre is hard to find in the free agent market at the right price.

Apparently the Jays don't want Rajai just slapping the ball on the ground, trying to beat out singles. They think that he has line drive power and would be better off showing it. I've never been a fun of slap hitters, so maybe they are on to something.

  • He also has a short story on John McDonald as emergency catcher, John Farrell wants him to catch in some 'B' spring games. 
  • Ken has a third story (maybe if they let him do more than one sentence paragraphs he could have fit all three stories into one post) telling us the Jays are going to try Moises Sierra at third this spring. I like the idea, he has a strong arm and the best place for a strong arm is third. As Tony LaCava says:

"It's about creating value in the player, for himself and for us," said LaCava. "It's not necessarily out of need but the more versatile these guys are, the more employable they are at the big league level."

  • has an uncredited (Shi Davidi?) Canadian Press story on Chad Cordero. He lost a daughter to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I can't imagine anything worse than the death of a child. Have to wish him and his family the best.
  • Gregor Chisholm at has a story on Brett Lawrie.

He has spent the first few days of Spring Training working with veteran John McDonald and third-base coach Brian Butterfield. It's too early in camp for the Blue Jays to know whether the switch is going to be a success, but Butterfield is optimistic.

"The one thing that I like is that I think this guy has a willingness to work," Butterfield said. "He has been out early with the veteran guys and had the chance to handle the ball a little bit.

  • And he had another on Dustin McGowan. It could be a rewrite from last year. Another guy you can only wish the best.
I can't wait till they start playing games and we have something to talk about.