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Jays Depth Chart: First Base

It is Family Day in my little part of the world. I'd explain how that came about but you would never believe it. So, I'm going to take the day off to be part of the family.

  1. Adam Lind: After a big 76 innings at the position last year Adam Lind goes into the season as our starting first baseman. I have little doubt that he can do a good job at the position, but it wouldn't have been bad to see more of him there last year. We are also looking for him to come back with the bat this season after hitting .237/.287/.425 last year. I'm hoping that playing in the field will help his bat but I really don't have much reason for that hope. We've been so busy wondering if Jose Bautista's 2010 season was a fluke, we've no worried that Lind's 2009 season might have been. I'm sure he'll be better than last year, how much better is the question.
  2. Edwin Encarnacion: Lind's 76 innings at first makes him look like an old hand at the position compared to Edwin, who played 9 innings there back in 2006. Edwin had good hands at third but his foot work left some to be desired. First base is all foot work. We'll see how it goes. He'll likely mostly DH.
  3. Juan Rivera: Juan played 107 innings at first last year, making him the most experienced at the position of the guys we have on the active roster. If there is an injury, he could take over the spot for a bit. 
  4. Ryan Shealy: We signed him to minor league contract and he has a spring training invite. He'll be in Vegas but if there is a few injuries, you never know, he might get a call up.
  5. David Cooper: He is also a spring invite. He'll likely be in Vegas too. It would take a lot of bad things happen to players on the major league roster for him to get a call up. I'm hoping he has a good season with the 51s and makes a case for himself to be in the majors. 

We have a few first basemen among our prospects: Michael McDade (who has a spring invite too), KC Hobson and Lance Durham who are all a long ways from the majors.