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Bluebird Links - Baseball All-Star Team of My Life Time

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Tom covered a bunch of the Links yesterday, but here's a few more for you all.  For those wondering, the picture has nothing to do with this post - I just really like it.
In an post earlier last week, Joe Posnanski put together a post together of the best baseball players of his lifetime.  Of course, he's a few years older than me and I don't remember watching several of the players on his list.  I was born in '82 and really remember watching baseball from about '89 I guess.  So, here is my team of baseball all-stars by  'feel' - what would yours look like?

  • 1B - Albert Pujols  (is there really any debate here?)
  • 2B - Roberto Alomar (This is a Jays blog afterall and I always loved watching Robby play the game)
  • SS - Cal Ripken (I know Rodriguez is probably the best, but with his position switch and the fact that he plays for the Yanks, I can't find it in me for ARod to be on my all-star team.  Ripken was ridiculously good when I first started watching so he gets the nod).
  • 3B - Chipper Jones (honorable mention to Boggs even though I didn't like him)
  • C - Ivan Rodriguez
  • LF - Barry Bonds (honorable mention to Rickey Henderson)
  • CF - Ken Griffey Jr.  (he's probably my favorite player - he was just great to watch)
  • RF - Larry Walker (Should probably make an argument for Tony Gwynn, but I have to have a Canadian connection)
  • DH - Paul Molitor
  • SP - Roger ClemensGreg Maddux, Randy Johnson, Roy Halladay, Pedro Martinez 

Rest of the links after the jump.

Jays Links

Projectin' Thangs - Pitchers
Ghostrunner gives us a bunch of projections for five potential Jays starters this year. The numbers look pretty good.

Hechavarria settles in with Blue Jays
A nice story on Hechavarria and his decision to leave Cuba to pursue his dream of being a professional baseball player.

Jays’ Rajai Davis reunited with friends, mentors at spring training
Apparently Rajai Davis, John McDonald and Pete Walker go back quite a way.

Jays Better off Keeping Juan Rivera Around
Thomas Pizone would rather have Rivera starting every day over either Patterson or Podsednik.

Top 50 Jays Prospects, Jays Journal Edition: #6 J.P. Arencibia
No introduction needed here. Mat is very excited about JP - I would be thrilled with a .260/.340/.490 line from a rookie catcher.

Sleeper Sleuth: Brandon Morrow is one intimidating fellow
Yahoo has a breakdown of Morrow's season last year. They think that due to a change in arm angle, Morrow should be a sleeper pick.

Twitter / keithlaw:
Keith Law thinks the Jays will be serious bidders for Yu Darvish

Around the League

The Best Of Picture Day
Parkes with some 'unforgettable' team photos.

Behind Enemy Lines
This is a good story - a blogger at 1BlueJaysWay recently attended the Boston Red Sox fantasy camp in Fort Myers, Florida. Here is his story from that week. An interesting read.

Best. Bobblehead. Ever.
Here's an old one from Parkes, but if you missed this last week, check it out. The Jays should consider putting together some bobblehead's like this. Any ideas?

MLB Players Of The Decade: The Line Forms Behind Jason Heyward In Right Field
Rob Neyer continues his look at the best players of this decade, this time trying to figure out if there are any right fielders worth considering beside Atlanta's Jason Heyward.

Miguel Cabrera must get his life back in order
Heyman has a quick story regarding Cabrera's recent arrest for a DUI.

Jays’ McDonald eageer to see Morneau return
Morneau suffered his season ending concussion during a collision with McDonald.