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Jays on Baseball America's Top 100 Prospect List

I enjoy looking at different folks prospect lists. They are a lot of fun, even though they don't always mean that much. Ricky Romero wasn't anyone's list 3 years ago but you won't find many players two years into their career that are doing much better than Ricky. We have fun putting together our own list. Though Hugo and I agree a lot, the fun ones are the guys we don't agree on. Anyway the Baseball America list includes these Jays:

  • 29. Kyle Drabek. Best Tool: Curveball. ETA: 2011.
  • 36. Travis d'Arnaud. Best Tool: Defense. ETA: 2012.
  • 40. Brett Lawrie. Best Tool: Bat. ETA: 2012.
  • 95. Deck McGuire. Best Tool: Command. ETA: 2013.

And that's it for Jays. I figured we'd have a couple more on the list. No Zach Stewart. No Adeiny Hechavarria. Jose Iglesias is number 52. I didn't think he was that much a better prospect than Hechavarria. 

The Royals have 5 players in the top 20, so the future might be bright there, if they can develop them into major leaguers.