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Thursday Bantering: Spring Jay News

Not too much for news coming out of Dunedin at the moment. They have their first intrasquad game today and then another one tomorrow. Aaron Hill is sitting out the game because of a 'slight quad pull' but John Lott has pictures of him taking ground balls at second, so I'm guessing it isn't a big deal.

Gregor Chisholm twitted the line ups:

Team Gray: Gose (cf), Mastroianni (rf), Lawrie (3b), Thames (lf), Cooper (1b), d'Arnaud (DH), Jeroloman (c), Hecchevarria (ss), Diaz (2b)McDade (DH2)

Team Black: Davis (cf),Escobar (ss),Bautista (3b),Lind (1b), Rivera (rf, Encarnacion (dh), Patterson (lf), McDonald (2b), Arencibia (c), Molina (dh2)

Romero, Drabek, Henn, Farina and Alvarez will pitch for the Black team. Stewart, Reyes, Abreu, Carreno for the Grays.

They will have another Intrasquad game tomorrow and then start their regular spring games on Friday.

Speaking of Dunedin, seeing that it is a beautiful -25 here at the moment, I'm really starting to consider going down there for a week of games. Has anyone been down for spring training before? The idea of sitting in the sun and watching baseball is very appealing. 

Not much else for Blue Jay news other than:

  • Edwin Encarnacion is going to wear number 10 this year, to 'honor Robbie Alomar'.
  • There are a lot of stories, like this one in the Sun, with the players talking about how great spring training is going:
  • "I don’t know whether it’s all these young guys or maybe from the coaching staff, or maybe the manager’s influence, but I’m feeling a different atmosphere," Aaron Hill said earlier this week. "I don’t know quite what it is, but I like it."

    You see these stories every year. I don't think it is meant as a knock on Cito or anything.