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Bluebird Links - Friday Bantering

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A quick link post for ya'll.  The Jays played their first intra-squad game yesterday in preparation for their first exhibition game on Saturday so check out the Wilner link for details of that.  Sounds like Stewart and Romero both pitched well.  Other than that, lots of articles about how 'insert name here' is in the best shape of their lives. so I've tried to avoid those.  Lots of Wainwright and Cards talk around the web today as well.


Jays Links

The Fake Game Before The Fake Game
Wilner has a summary of yesterday's intra-squad game. Apparently he will be twittering during today's game as well so keep an eye out for that.

Zach Stewart off to a promising start
From Bruce Walton:

"He’s got such a quick arm," Walton said. "It’s explosive. He can sink and slide the ball. He’s very interesting, and he is one determined young man to establish himself not only in the Blue Jay organization but at the major-league level. He just looks like he knows what’s going on."

What are the odds Stewart makes the opening day roster?

Lind puts defence on display in Dunedin
Shi Davidi on Lind's defensive transition.

Langley's Lawrie looking to last
Gregor Chisholm with an article on Lawrie including lots of quotes. I found this one interesting (Lawrie is talking about playing 3rd):

"I asked to play it last year a little bit when our team was kind of out of it, but they just shut me down and said, 'No you're not playing there,'" Lawrie said. "I don't really understand why, but obviously they had their reasons. But I'm excited to get over there and keep working on it and get in the best position that I can."

Forget Pujols, Blue Jays Should Focus On Rasmus
Parkes thinks the Jays should take advantage of the Cardinals pitching situation to see if they can land Rasmus.

The San Pedro de Macoris Posse
Mop-Up Duty has a great photo of Fernandez, Griffin and some others from some time in the 80's (presumably).

Top 50 Jays Prospects, Jays Journal Edition: #5 Aaron Sanchez
I am excited about this kid. Sounds like he has great potential.

Silent Assassin Shirts Now On Sale
The BlueJayHunter is offering new t-shirts - how often can you buy a GM shirt?

One of the exclusive features of these shirts are it increases your stealth and ability to pull off blind-sided trades by at least 43%.

Around the League

But What Do I Know? … Ryan Dempster, Justin Morneau, Jose Canseco
Nice one here from Kevin Glew:

Ryan Dempster, the pride of Gibsons, B.C., has been named the Chicago Cubs Opening Day starter in 2011. This will be his third Opening Day assignment. He started two previous openers with the Florida Marlins in 2001 and 2002. With 102 career victories heading into 2011, Dempster is set to pass Swift Current, Sask., native Reggie Cleveland (105 wins) and Kapuskasing, Ont., native Kirk McCaskill (106 wins) to move into second place on the all-time wins list for Canadian pitchers.

The Financial Cost Of Losing Adam Wainwright
Dave Cameron breaks it down - not good for the Cardinals.

Wainwright’s Injury: Key to Signing Pujols?
However, Jonah Keri wonders if the Wainwright injury is actually a good thing for the Cards? What do you think - does Wainwrights injury help, hinder or have no effect on the Cardinals chances of signing Pujols?

Ryan Braun Content With Contract
Braun is seriously under-payed at $5.625M/year for 8 years. Apparently he's okay with that though.

The Upcoming CBA: An International Draft
FanGraphs is discussing the concept of an international draft. Would you rather see an international draft, or are you okay with the current system?