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Happy Birthday Shannon Stewart

Former Jay outfielder Shannon Stewart turns 37 today. 

Shannon was our first round draft pick in 1992. He was a September call up in 1995 and 1996, played with us for part of 1997 and then made it to the majors for good in 1998 and stole 51 bases for us that year. He was a Jay until the middle of the season when we traded him to the Twins for Bobby Kielty. Not exactly one of our better trades, but then we traded Kielty to the A's for Ted Lilly after that season, so I guess it all worked out.

Stewart came back the the Jays as a free agent in 2008, but didn't hit much and was released in August. Shannon hit .298/.360/.440 in 907 games for the Jays. There is more about Stewart here, in our Top 50 Jays profile

Happy birthday Shannon. Hope it is a good one.