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Quick Recap: Spring Game #1, Jays Lose to Tigers

Tigers 4 Blue Jays 0

Not much for offense for the Jays today. We did load the bases for Jose Bautista and Adam Lind in the 5th, but Jose struck out and Adam flied out. We had 5 hits in all and walked twice. Nice to see J.P. Arencibia take a walk. Yunel Escobar and John McDonald had two hits each and Juan Rivera had our other hit. Jose went 0 for 3 with 2 strikeouts. Brett Lawrie hit a deep fly, just foul and just short of the wall, which is as close to offense as we came. After games like this I'm contractually obligated to say that pitchers are ahead of hitters early in the spring.

Most of our pitchers did well. David Purcey, Luis Perez, Wil Ledezma and Mike Hinckley each pitched a scoreless inning. Brett Cecil battled a bit, giving up 3 hits and a run in his 2 innings. Robert Ray also gave up a run in his two innings. His first inning went really well, strikeout, fly out, ground out. The pitcher that had real troubles today was Jesse Carlson who walked two then gave up a double over Rajai Davis' head to plate both walks. He didn't help his case to make the team at all. Alan Ashby did mention that Davis likely should have caught that double and did mention a couple of times that Davis didn't play a ball well, but since we didn't get to see the game, I can't really comment on it. 

As far as defense, other than the two plays Ashby mentioned about Davis and a throw by Cory Patterson that didn't go to a cut off man, the defense sounded good. Adam Lind made all the plays at first and picked a couple of throws out of the dirt. He caught an infield fly and made a throw to Carlson at first to make a 3-1 out. Escobar and McDonald each made a nice play on the infield, I'm sure we will see lots more of that. Brett Lawrie made a nice play at third, starting a double play. 

The Jays also had a 'b' game against the Phillies today. They won that 8-1. John Lott has a recap of the game here. Nice to see that Scott Richmond looked good in it. Anthony Gose started the game with a single and a stolen base. 

So one spring game down. We had a nice time in the Game Thread. It makes me feel a little warmer knowing that baseball is being played. Spring might be on its way.