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Spring Game 2 Thread and some links.

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The Jays play the Tigers again today at 1:00 Eastern and it is on the Fan 590 and MLB Audio as well. Maybe we'll score today.

Mike Wilner has the Jay's lineup Thwipped:

Jays' lineup: Patterson8, McCoy4, Lind0,Encarnacion3,Lawrie5, Thames7, Molina2, Sierra9, Hechevarria6 - Rzepczynski1

Glad to see they are giving EE some time at first base this sping. Jesse Litsch will be the first man out of the pen today.

Wilner also tells us that Kyle Drabek is scratched from tomorrow's start with a 'stiff neck', 'slept on it wrong'. He is only to miss the one start.

While you are waiting for the game to start, here are a couple of links:

  • Joe Pawlikowski on Fangraphs, has Faith in an Adam Lind Bounceback. I do too, but then I'm a fan and it is hard for me to separate the fan in me that is very very much hoping for a bounceback from the thinking part of me. 
  • I agree with every word of this Dave Cameron post, also on Fangraphs, about the stupidity of the blackout policy. I guess it is too much to ask MLB to be forward thinking with Bud Selig leading the way but, come on, it is beyond stupid to have all of Canada in the Jays blackout zone.  
  • In case you needed more convincing that Ozzie Guillen is a fool, read this one
  • Griffin has a nice story up about Marcus Knecht and some of the other Jay prospects.

I'll likely be in and out of the thread today, but drop in if you are listening to the game.