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Game Thread for Spring Game 3: Phillies and Jays

The game is on so I'm going to get to watch some of it. Is today the day we score. I feel bad talking about it because who cares that they haven't scored in the first couple of games. They will get there. But it would be nice to see a run cross the plate. Might not happen in the first couple of innings, with Roy Halladay throwing for the Phillies

We need a pool on what inning we get our first run and who drives it in.

Our lineup to start the game:

Davis CF

Escobar SS

Lind 1B

Bautista 3B

Rivera RF

McDade DH

Arencibia C

McDonald 2B

Mastroianni LF

Jo-Jo Reyes pitches the first couple of innings. 

On the injury front, they are saying Snider should play his first game on the weekend. Aaron Hill should get in next week. Posednik is a little further away, but is going to take batting practice today. On the less than good news side, Jesse Carlson has 'inflammation' in his shoulder, hopefully it isn't serious. 

If you get a chance, join in the thread.