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Vladimir Guerrero?

Vlad, pointing out where the pitch was that he just hit into the seats. .  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Vlad, pointing out where the pitch was that he just hit into the seats. . (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Vladimir Guerrero's name seems to be coming up a lot lately so I thought I'd ask (since there is bugger all for real news) if you guys thought we would be signing him.

Major League Rumors has a story up saying that his agent is telling the Orioles that Vlad has an $8 million offer from some mystery team. My agent would also like you to know that I have an $8 million offer from some other website, but I'm still willing to consider staying here for the bimonthly bag of cheese doodles they throw down to me in the basement.

I mean, if he has an $8 million offer, why hasn't he signed it yet? If the Orioles are offering $5 million and he has $8 mill offer, why would you continue to talk to the Orioles? It is worth an extra $3 million to him to come in last in the AL East? He is such a fan of the Wire that he wants to live in the neighborhood featured in the show?

MLB Trade Rumors is running a poll asking which team people believe offered the $8 million. Unsurprisingly the 'there was no offer' option is winning in a landslide, but among the teams listed, the Jays are getting the most votes at the moment.

Vlad had a very good season, last year, with a .300/.345/.496 line, 29 home runs, 115 RBI, winning the Silver Slugger award, finishing 11th in the MVP vote. He'd 'provide protection' for Jose Bautista in the batting order, if that is something you worry about. He'd also give Craig someone to complain about, swinging at the first pitch as often as he does. Actually, he'll swing at any pitch, no matter how high/low/off the plate it might be.

It would also give us fans something to get excited about for this season, when most of the moves we've made are things that give us hope for the future. It would give us a sign that this year is important too. Signing him could also give us the ability to sit Juan Rivera or EE or someone else, if they don't pan out this year.

On the flip side, when I asked John Farrell about Manny, he said that they don't want to sign someone that can only DH. They would like someone with the flexibility to play a position as well. Guerrero can only DH, unless you are a fan of slapstick comedy. Farrell was very clear on that answer, it didn't seem like something he was fudging on at all.

Anyway let's ask you.....