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Non-Roster Spring Training Invites writer Greg Chisholm has a post up about the Jays non-roster spring training invitees, so I'll steal the list and post it here.

Pitchers (10 total):

RHP -- Winston Abreu
RHP -- Henderson Alvarez
RHP -- Chad Cordero
RHP -- Chad Jenkins
RHP -- Deck McGuire
RHP -- Zach Stewart
RHP -- Brian Stokes

LHP -- Sean Henn
LHP -- Mike Hinckley
LHP -- Wilfredo Ledezma

Catchers (three total):

Ryan Budde
Travis d'Arnaud
A.J. Jimenez

Infielders (four total):

1B -- David Cooper
SS -- Jon Diaz
2B/3B -- Brett Lawrie
1B -- Michael McDade

Outfielders (four total):

CF -- Anthony Gose
CF -- Corey Patterson
RF -- Eric Thames
3B/OF -- John Tolisano

So with the 40 players on the 40-man roster, the Jays will have 61 players in camp. 

The only ones, of the non-roster guys, with any real shot to make the team are: Corey Patterson who I figure has the inside track on the 4th outfielder job, Chad Cordero who has an outside chance at making the bullpen, Zach Stewart if he really wows the coaches and perhaps Brett Lawrie again if he wows the coaches. I really don't think any of them, other than Patterson, have much of a chance unless we have some injuries. 

It is nice to see them give Gose and Thames some time at the big league camp. I figured Adam Loewen would get an invite as well. It is also nice to see Alvarez, Jenkins and McGuire. It would be nice to get a look at those three. 

Speaking of taking a look, I see Sportsnet is planning on showing us 2 (yeah just 2) spring games. Sundays, March 6 and 13th. I wish there was a way we could convince them to show us a few more of the games.

11 days until the pitchers and catchers report.