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Super Sunday Bantering

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Nothing for Jays news out there today. There is some football game going on. Use the comments thread to give us your prediction for winner and score. I'll admit I find it very hard to cheer for Ben Roethlisberger. There are some crimes that I think are unforgivable

Sad stuff, former Expo reliever Woodie Fryman has passed away at 70. He had a long career in the majors, pitching for 18 seasons and 6 different teams. A lefty, for most of his career was he was a starter and pitched as a starter with the Expos in 1975/76. He then pitched for the Reds and and Cubs for the next three years then came back to the Expos. He had a couple of up and down years as a starter then they turned him into a reliever at age 39. For the next few years he was a terrific setup man and part time closer. From 79 to 82 he had ERAs of 2.79, 2.25, 1.88 and 3.75. He had some injuries in 1983 and retired at age 43.

Woodie was, at least in his time as an Expo, the definition of a crafty lefty. He had bone chips in his elbow and he couldn't straighten his arm all the way. He had a wonderful southern accent and great guy. I was a kid and he seemed like great, really old guy, who got guys out without being able to throw hard, but also couldn't throw anything straight. 

Is also Babe Ruth's birthday, he would be 116 today.

What else is out there? Rob Neyer, on has a fun little game called Baseball Surnacronyms, where you turn a players last name into an acronym and has invited people to make their own. Surprisingly, no one has used Rzepczynski yet. If you come up with any good ones for Jays players, share with us. I'm terrible at this stuff but for Rajai Davis:







Enjoy the game.