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Bluebird Links - Pujols Speculation & Postseason Play Importance

I'm sure lots of Packers fans aren't feeling so hot this morning.  Did everybody enjoy the SuperBowl yesterday?  I can't remember a year where I have been as uninteresting in football as this year (maybe due to my team absolutely sucking for about 10 years now), but I still tuned in yesterday.  My thoughts - too many (Canadian) commercials and seemingly sloppy, uninspired play.  It wasn't a bad game, but it certainly wouldn't be on my top 10 list.  Too many blown coverages, missed passes and stupid penalties for my liking.  It wasn't a defensive struggle and it wasn't a shoot-out. 

Enough on that though because we are one week away from pitchers and catchers officially reporting to spring training.  Something to be excited about!  Here's a couple of links from the weekend that caught my eye, and the rest are after the jump.

Is Toronto a Viable Option for Albert Pujols?
In the realm of incredibly pointless (but fun) speculation, Mat Germain wonders if Pujols could become a Jay since contract talks between him and the Cards aren't going well. Just imagine Pujols hitting in home-run friendly SkyDome...there's a minuscule chance of this but I can't even describe how much I want this to happen (especially when compared to the alternate signing of Prince Fielder).  Seriously, I will dream of this everyday until Pujols signs with the Cardinals, or until he his dealt or signs somewhere else.

Mat takes a look at other potential suitors, the what the Jays could bring to the table to convince Pujols to play here.  He also takes a look at trade-able players.  If you were the Jays GM, what would you be willing to give up to bring Pujols to the Jays.  In terms of contract numbers, the Hardball Times looks at forecasts and figures he'd be worth about $275M on a 10 year deal.  Would you be willing to pay Pujols that kind of money?  I'd throw in an extra $25M or so to make it an even $300M.  He is that good.

Pettitte Junction
Joe Posnanski is a little late to the Pettitte retirement, but he has two questions regarding it. 

1. Is that REALLY Sergio Mitre listed as the Yankees No. 5 starter on their website?

2. What role should the postseason play in the review of players career?

The Mitre part is great for Jays fans, because he's not exactly what you expect with a team with a $200M dollar payroll. 

Question 2 is fairly thought provoking though, specifically with regards to Hall of Fame Voting.  Right now, I think little consideration is given to post-season performance at the end of a players career. Alomar is a good example. During his Hall-of-Fame candidacy, a lot of ink was used to discuss his career numbers and his best seasons, but how often did people discuss his brilliant post-season numbers and moments, when discussing his hall-of fame credentials? Not very often that I remember. So, Banterer's, should playoff numbers be discussed for eligible hall-of-fame players, and if so, how much weight should be given to them?

Jays Links

2011 Minor League Players - The Catchers
Batter's Box is starting a series of articles reviewing the minor league depth of various positions. First up, the Catchers.

Blue Jays are hoping to contend in 2011 in the powerful American League East
Gregor Chisholm (Jays beat reporter) has a summary of the team heading into spring training. And some dates to watch for:

Pitchers and catchers report Feb. 14

Full squad reports Feb. 19

First Spring Training game Toronto Blue Jays vs. Detroit Tigers, Feb. 26, 1:05 p.m. ET

Opening Day Toronto Blue Jays vs. Minnesota Twins, 7:07 p.m. ET

Are the Rays Overlooking the Jays and O's?
A preview from the other side.

If the Jays can hang around long enough in the AL East, they have the type of farm system that could provide help and the ability to reach out and make a trade for help without the financial restraints that would've prevented maneuvering around the trade deadline.

The Blue Jays that got away
Jeremy Sandler takes a look at two former unsigned Jays draft picks, James Paxton and Jake Eliopoulos.

Around the League

The Best of the No Homers Club
Mat Klaassen at FanGraphs takes a look at the 5 best seasons with zero home runs.

Vladimir Guerrero And The Orioles: $8 Million For What, Exactly?
Rob Neyer - not really a fan of the Vladdy signing.

Young wants out of Texas, and now
According to Tim Brown at Yahoo, Young wants out. I really, really hope that he doesn't end up in a Jays uniform.

Delgado eyes comeback and shot at 500 home runs
I can't imagine Carlos playing in the majors again, but I would love to see him back and taking a run at 500 homers.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off at Wrigley Field
Larry Granillo figures out which game Ferris and his pals attended on their day off.

Lingerie Bowl: Outfits of little substance, but style of play serious
For something completely random, I can't believe this didn't have better ratings than that other bowl game that was played yesterday.