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Late Night Incomplete Thoughts

Quick thoughts that I might flesh out tomorrow: 

  • Ken Rosenthal thinks the Jays might want to trade Juan Rivera. You think? Course they'd like to trade him. Opening an outfield spot for Jose Bautista, while getting rid of the $5.25 million contract they don't want, is something they would like to do. Trouble is: they really would have to get back someone that could play third for the year. Ken also things we might sign Scott Podsednik, to which I say please, please no. 
  • Somebody, writing for TSN thinks the Jays ought to trade for Michael Young. I still can't see it at all. Since he is owed $46 million over the next three years, it makes little sense unless the Rangers pay most of his salary. Even then, Young had a -5.8 UZR/150 rating at third, a far worse number than Edwin had (-2.3). Add in that Young is 34 now and would be blocking Brett Lawrie by next year, I really can't see it. 
  • Dustin Parkes at the Score picks the 8 worst Bleacher Report posts. 
  • Here is a story out there saying the Jays should go after Justin Ruggiano. Who you ask? A soon to be 29 year old, career minor leaguer OFer, who the Rays have DFAed. As you'd expect from a 25th round draft choice, Justin doesn't do anything particularly well. Doesn't hit for a great average, doesn't have much power, walks some but not a lot, steals a few bases (24 last year) but not enough to get you excited about his speed. Think Chris Lubanski who played for Vegas last year, just with a little less power, a little more speed but 3 years old and without fun of being a former first round draft pick. 
  • Adam Rubin of thinks former Jay prospect Brad Emaus might be the opening day second baseman for the Mets. I hope so, I'd love to see Emaus get a chance in the majors. 
  • Rob Neyer picked out his 10 Favorite Surnacronyms. My favorite: Hurler? Author? Yes! He's Underrated, Resourceful, Silly, Talented