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Late Night Boredom and the BBB Podcast - Question Time!

Purcey hopes he gets picked for a podcast topic (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Purcey hopes he gets picked for a podcast topic (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I'm bored, and not just my wife is using the TV to watch American Idol so I have nothing to watch type bored. Like a red alert, serious, can't even find something to read on the internet type of bored. So I pop onto twitter and start reading through my timeline before sending @bluebirdbanter a tweet complaining about the aforementioned boredom. His solution? Write a post. So here it is, now we can all be bored together. That's right; if I have to be miserable I'm taking all of you down with me. HAH!

The root of the problem is I am really ready for the baseball season to start. I know Spring Training has started and that is fantastic, but I have never been much of a radio guy. I much prefer watching my team either in person or on my plasma in glorious High Definition. So with most of the spring training games only being on radio I find it harder to get excited by that "Amazing running catch" Anthony Gose just made. For me, seeing is definitely better then listening.

Most of all, I am ready for baseball to start so we can start talking about what actually just happened in the instead of what may happen or might happen when the games start counting for real. I have been looking forward all winter to our game threads. I love watching the game and chatting away with everyone here about what we are watching.  I remember one time last year we got into a discussion of the best 1st basemen in the AL during one of the threads that ended up spilling over into a fanpost. It was a great discussion and a perfect example of why I love coming here to the site. I love being able to discuss baseball with other fans who can actually form an argument behind their position.

This is what led to the BBB Podcast.  

We have been working on sorting out some technically difficulties that we experienced in our first recording and hopefully going forward we can have some of the quality issues worked out.  We are planning to record episode 2 soon, so we figured it would be a good time to throw it out to our readers and listeners to suggest topics that you would like us to discuss. Kind of like our own version of a call in show. We can pick a handful of questions or comments to discuss and make it a regular thing going forward.

So have it, what do you want to hear about?