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First Cuts From the Blue Jays Camp.

The Jays have made their first cuts of the spring. Joel Carreno, Alan Farina, Brad Mills and Darin Mastroianni have all been sent to the minor league camp. No surprises, though I was hoping to get to see Mastroianni next week when I'm in Florida, but we knew he wasn't making the team. The others? Carreno and Farina have a few levels to move up before they can fight their way onto the team. Mills? I do feel for him. I think he could be a decent starter but we just have too many good arms for him to have a chance here. 

The Jays also announce that (surprise) Ricky Romero will be the opening day starter. Brandon Morrow is to start the second game and Brett Cecil will get the third. After that is still up in the air. The good news is, everyone that has a shot at those last two spots has been pitching well. They are going to make it a tough choice for John Farrell and Alex and whoever else is in on the decision.