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Open Thread for Saturday Split Squad Games.

The Jays have two games going today. Both are on MLB Audio so you have the choice of which you'd like to listen to. One is Pirates at Jays and it is on the FAN here is the lineup (Scott Podsednik was to lead off and play LF but apparently his foot is hurting again):

????: LF

Davis: CF

Snider: DH

Rivera: RF

Encarnacion: 1B

Lawrie: 3B

Arencibia: C

McCoy: SS

Diaz: 2B

Ricky Romero is to start and maybe go 5 innings.

The other game is the Jays at Tigers, that one has the Tigers radio feed on MLB Audio. The lineup:

Gose: CF

McDonald: 3B

Lind: 1B

Thames: DH

d'Arnaud: C

Patterson: LF

Sierra: RF

Hechavarria: SS

Goins: 2B

Robert Ray is to start. 

So if you are listening in, join us in the thread.