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Quick Recap - Jays beat Rays

Some quick thoughts from today's game before we get into the actual player results.  

  1. Bautista looks like he hasn't lost a step at all from last year. His HR was a monster shot over the trees in LF
  2. Arencibia did have a deep double off the CF wall, but still looked uncomfortable at the plate other than that
  3. Escobar was very agressive on the basepaths, led to a run in the 1st but also led to an out later as he tried to stretch a double into a triple
  4. Morrow started slow, but really came back strong striking out 6 in 4 innings
  5. Cooper looked very impressive, in the field and at the plate. Too bad there is no chance for him to make the Jays
  6. Rzepczynski looked very good for two innings before running into a bit of a wall in his 3rd.

All in all a great game for the Jays today, they scored early and often and did so both by HRs and aggressive baserunning.

Some highlights:

  • Yunel Escobar - 1-3, BB, R, 2RBI
  • Travis Snider - 2-4, R
  • Jose Bautista - 2-2, HR, R, 2RBI
  • Brett Lawrie - 1-2, 2R
  • Eric Thames - 1-3, HR, R, 3RBI
  • David Cooper - 2-3, R, RBI, BB
  • Corey Patterson - 1-2 RBI, SB
  • Brandon Morrow - 4IP, 6Ks, 3H, 2R (1 Earned)
  • Marc Rzepczynski - 3IP, 2Ks, 3H, 1ER (All 3 hits came in his 3rd inning of work)
  • Carlos Villanueva and Casey Janssen with an inning each. Villanueva continues to show he should be in our bullpen to start the year.

After the game Farrell has indicated that Dustin McGowan will continue his rehab as a reliever. This is not really news as most of us expected this but I think it is the first time someone from the organization has come out and actually stated it.  While I remain skeptical that McGowan will ever wear a Jays uniform in the big leagues again I wish him the best and hopefully he can make it back.