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BBB Podcast - Episode 2 - I have a bad feeling about this.

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It's our second podcast all recorded and ready to go. We took the comments to heart last time around and hopefully we were able to improve the sound quality a bit for everyone. Of course that doesn't mean we didn't run into more technical difficulties. It's a work in progress and we'll get it sorted out. Going into the season we are looking into making this a regular bi-weekly thing to be posted every second Monday. That's the hope anyways just don't hold us to anything.

Topics for this episode include:

  • Sport Fans and the stadium/arena experience
  • Bautista deal
  • Main Stream Media's predictions for the Jays
  • Off Topic: What are we watching?
  • Jays new coaches
  • Lawrie and his chances to make the team
  • Escobar or Hechavarria who is our SS going forward?
Just a heads up that this one was recorded over 2 days. We hit some technical difficulties that knocked out my computer, First part was recorded on March 2nd, second part on March 9th. It is noted in the podcast where the divide is.

Click button! Download! Listen! Enjoy!