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Bluebird Links - Monday Morning Reading

Sorry for the lack of Link posts last week - sometimes life gets busy. No preamble today - only time for a quick posting. Everyone enjoy getting to actually watch a game yesterday afternoon?

Jays Links

Griffin: Left-hander Reyes looks to find his place with Jays
It sounds like Reyes might make the team - especially if they want two lefties out of the bullpen. Thoughts?

The Big Bats Take Down The Rats
Wilner summarizes yesterday's game. Seems like Thames is having a good spring. Cooper too. That might be the wrong impression but we should be keeping an eye on those two in the minors this year.

Hechavarria among six Jays cuts
More cuts. I'm sure Tom will be sad that he won't be able to see Hech play this week.

Re-imagining the 2005 Draft
Still think Romero is a bust? Drew Fairservice takes a crack at redoing the first 20 picks of the 2005 draft. What would your list look like?

10 Reasons to call up Brett Lawrie NOW
halejon at the Mockingbird with 10 reasons...a little humour for a Monday morning.

So, where we at?
The Ack with a few Spring Training thoughts.

Around the League

Greg Maddux High School Scouting Reports
Jeff Sullivan with a couple of scouting reports from 1984. Interesting reading.

How the Rays learned to compete in the AL East
Scott Stinson of the National Post with a piece about the Rays, and Jonah Keri's new book (The Extra 2%).

Washington Nationals option Bryce Harper to Class A Hagerstown
Despite a good start, Nationals super-prospect is heading to the minors. How long before he's a mainstay in the majors?

My Guide to Stats: Offense
A little fuzzy on the Sabr stats? Joe Posnanski breaks them down.

Chernoff faces
Kevin Lai at the Hardball Times with some fun with numbers - Faces by WAR.