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Gregg Zaun joins Sportsnet on a two year deal - Everyone together now.... "SURPRISE!"

In a move everyone could see coming a mile away, Gregg Zaun has agreed to terms to become a new baseball analyst for Rogers Sportsnet. Zaun has been doing work with Sportsnet and Jamie Campbell in the studio for the past few seasons during the playoffs. Personally I think he has done a great job as an analyst, I wish him the best and hope that this leads to a full time position in the booth either on Radio or TV.

In addition to his studio analyst duties, Zaun will also join the Radio team for 24 games. If you read between the lines, this likely means that Buck is still under contract with TBS and will be leaving to do weekend games with that network. Last year Cosentino filled in for most of those games with one being covered by Ashby. Since Cosentino is no longer with the network and Zaun is filling in on the radio I think it is safe to assume that Ashby will be our play by play guy for those weekend games. 

This is great news all around, I think Zaun was great in the studio for the past few years and I think Ashby is one of the best (Really I do, said so in our latest Podcast).

Congratulations to Zaun and Rogers, and indirectly to Ashby who gets another crack on the TV gig.

Thanks to Patrick_M who posted the news as a fanshot on the site before we had a chance to get it posted. Thanks mate!