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Spring Training Action - In Play, Run(s) - Pirates and Jays

The game is not being broadcasted today in any form, so if you want to follow along on gameday and chat this is the place.

Drabek gets the start for the Jays and he has a chance to really take a stranglehold on a rotation spot with the latest stumbles by Litsch and Rzep. This will be Drabek's 3rd Spring Training start (although I do believe he got work in a minor league game as well). In Grapefruit league action he has pitched 6 innings and given up 6Hits 2ER 1HR 0BB and 7Ks. So far he hasn't done anything that shows he doesn't belong.

Lineups courtesy of Mike Wilner's twitter feed:

line-up at : Patterson8, McCoy6, Encarnacion5!!!!!, Thames7, Molina2, Cooper3, Arencibia0, Tolisano9, Diaz4 - Drabek1

line-up vs. - Tabata7, Walker4, McCutchen8, Alvarez5, Overbay3, Jones9, Cedeno6, Brown2, Maholm1 - no DH

Couple of interesting points, Still no Hill for starters. Also very interesting that the Pirates aren't using a DH.

Go Jays Go!

Cheer for In Play, Run(s)!