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Philly and Jays renew Spring Training rivalries

Another gameday affair as the Jays broadcast team won't be working. For those who have MLB Radio maybe the Philly guys will be doing the game. There will be an A and B game, but odds are we won't get many updates for the B game until it is done.

Sorry for no recap of last nights game. Was out late and by the time I got home I just kind of collapsed. The Jays grabbed a Victory with a "B" lineup. David Cooper was standout as he went 3-4 with a HR in the 5-3 victory. Drabek threw 5 innings while giving up 7Hits and 1BB (his first walk in grapefruit league action), He gave 2ER with 1HR. Villanueva threw another scoreless inning to continue to raise his stock. Another thing that was worthy of note was Encarnacion starting at 3rd base for the 1st time in the Spring. Click on the picture to see more photos from yesterdays contest.

Today the lineup at least to start consists mostly of our regulars, Lineups courtesy of Wilner and Chisholm

A Game - Davis CF, Escobar SS, Bautista 3B, Lind DH, Rivera RF, Snider LF, Encarnacion 1B, Arencibia C, McDonald 2B

B Game - Gose CF, Diaz SS, Tolisano LF, Molina DH, Cooper 1B, d'Arnaud C, Loewen 9, Ahrens 3B, Stranbery 2B

The only regular missing from the lineup in the A game remains to be Aaron Hill, but we do we have good news on that front as he will DH again today in a minor league game as he continues to work his way back.

Interesting quote from Farrell that gives us a glimpse into lineup places going into the year, as reported by Wilner on Twitter:

John Farrell says he's preferring Bautista3/Lind4 - Jose is better on the basepaths. Also indicated Snider should hit 6th vs. RH.

And more!

Janssen, Purcey, Villanueva to be stretched out as multi-inning relievers. Purcey will pitch 7th and 8th today.

This is your game thread! GO JAYS GO!