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Bluebird Links on a Lazy Friday

Right into the links again today. Mostly non-Jays links today because I pretty much skipped every article in the local papers. I can only take so much of reading the same thing over and over again! Three ex-Jay articles today though, so have a look at those. The Ruiz piece is especially interesting.

Jays Links

Cliff Lee? No Problem!
Wilner with his usual game summary and a few tidbits.

So it Gose
Drew at Ghostrunner wonders which current major leaguer is the best comp. for Gose. Ellsbury, Bourne or Gardner?

Blue Jays Ryan Shopshire talks drills, first start, and Japan
A Jays prospect is writing about his Spring Training and minor league experiences this year. For an inside look, have a read.

Spring Training 2011 Question Of The Day: Toronto Blue Jays
Neyer tackles the Jays. Not really sure what the question is (maybe I'm slow), but he gives his take on the Jays.

Around the League

Japanese Tragedy Leaves Ex-MLBer Living Day to Day
A good story on ex-Jay Randy Ruiz.

Luis Castillo, Luis Hernandez among Mets' second base options
Doesn't sound like Emaus is blowing anyone away during the Mets' camp. What are the chances we see him back in the Jays system in a couple of weeks?

Houston Astros' rotation an underrated group
Decent piece about ex-Jays pitching coach, Brad Arnsberg.

Lincecum's 3,390 calorie post start In-N-Out meal
I wish I could eat like this!

According to an article by John Schlegel of, Lincecum's after game meal includes three double-doubles, two orders of fries and a half-chocolate, half-strawberry shake from In-N-Out Burger.

The ‘Aughts’ at a Glance: 2000-2009 Superlatives
Steve Slowinski takes a look at the best and worst teams of the last decade using WAR.

Braves coach Luis Salazar struck by line drive has eye removed
Sad story here.

The History of the "Greatest Living Ballplayer"
Larry Granillo picks the greatest living player for each generation. Any disagreements?

Is Scott Rolen Famous Enough For Cooperstown?
I think we'll see a lot of these articles the next few years. I love that comparison to Jeter, who is a lock for the hall.