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Yanks and Jays play to a 5 all tie in 10 innings

It was a back and forth affair today at the Yankees spring training facility. Brett Cecil did not come out with his best stuff and seemed to struggle throughout the day, he was scheduled to go 5 or 6 innings but got up to 95+ pitches before the 5th was done and had to be pulled.

Not to much to say about this one, a lot of the Jays regulars didn't take the bus trip so a lot of the guys who are ticketing for the minors or are in position battles got a chance to shine (or not).

Click on Brett Cecil to the right to see more pictures from todays match-up



  • Brett Cecil - 4.1 IP 7Hs 4ERs, 3BB 1K, like I mentioned not a good day at all. Sounded like he was really struggling.
  • Carlos Villanueva - 2.1IP 3Hs 1ER, 1BB, 
  • Casey Janssen - 1.1 IP 2Ks - Best appearance of the Spring
  • Rommie Lewis - 1IP, H
  • Rajai Davis - 1-2 R, -  Showed off his speed again by scrambling back to third when Teixera made a diving play and surprised everyone by throwing home preventing the run on the play.
  • Yunel Escobar - 2-4 - Apparently let a triple turn into a double by not running hard out of the box on a ball he thought he hit out, turned out not to matter because 3 batters later Cooper hit one out and he scored.
  • Brett Lawrie - 1-4 RBI, SB
  • Eric Thames - 1-5 R
  • David Cooper - 1-3 , HR, 3RBI - He had a no doubt about it HR that left the park (completely) and a sac. Good day.
  • J.P. Arencibia - 0-3, 2Ks
  • Anthony Gose - 0-4, 2Ks - He made an awful throw from CF as well, miss the cutoff guy and went well up the line 


The game tomorrow is against the Twins back in Dunedin and will be on the Fan 590, it doesn't look like the Twins have it on TV so it looks like only radio for this one.