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Jays notes and the Twins/Jays Gamethread

Some quick notes before we get to the lineups for today's match up that will be available on the Jays radio network across Canada. It doesn't seem like either the Jays or the Twins have a television broadcast so we are going to have to "manage" just listening to our best broadcast team.

First up the big news. Marc Rzepczynski has been told he is no longer in the running for the rotation spot. This means that we have Kyle Drabek, Jo Jo Reyes and Jesse Litsch fighting out for the remaining two spots. Apparently Rzepczynski will see if he can make the transition to the pen, but I am thinking we are going to see Drabek, Litsch in the rotation and Reyes to the pen.

Next up, a few more demotions, Both Anthony Gose and Travis D'Arnaud have been sent back to the minor league camp. Again no surprises yet as we all knew going into this season that they both needed a lot more seasoning. It was however good to see Gose leave Spring training action with 8 Stolen bases leading all players to this point.

Lastly there are some notes from Ken Rosenthal on his Fox blog regarding Brett Lawrie and his speed down the line. Some good quotes in there as well.

Jesse Litsch gets the start today as he looks to get an edge in over Reyes and/or Drabek to secure one of those rotation spots, I have to imagine he is slated tog o 5/6 innings but I am unsure at this point who is scheduled to follow him.


Jays:  Patterson CF, Escobar SS, Bautista 3B, Lind 1B, Rivera RF, Snider LF, Lawrie DH, Arencibia C, Diaz 2B

Twins: Casilla6, Nishioka4, Kubel0, Young7, Valencia5, Hughes3, Bailey9, Butera2, Repko8 

Righty Scott Baker will get the start for the Twins.

Remember to keep it Civil and GO Jays GO!