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Evening thoughts and Jays 3-0 win over the Twins recap

It was a good game for the Jays, They got a great 5.1 innings from their starter Jesse Litsch and the bullpen came in and kept the door shut the rest of the way. The Jays pitchers combined to throw a 4 hitter against the punchless Twins who were without Mauer and a recovering Morneau. The hitters scraped out a run in the first and that would be all until their half of the 8th where Snider blasted a 2 run home run. A home run which prompted Ashby to mention that was the Travis Snider he sees when he is day-dreaming. Snider followed that up with some great defense in the outfield in the next half inning. I stand by my pre-spring training thoughts that he is primed for a big year (Yep thats me going out a limb, Woo).

All in all it was a great game for our Bluebirds, but before we get to the highlights I just wanted to run over some of the news of the day.  Unfortunately the sad news of Rzepczynski no longer being in the run for a rotation spot was overshadowed by worse news. Frank Francisco is scheduled to see Dr. James Andrews. Now about a week ago I wrote that it was Frank Francisco's injury that I was most concerned about, as it turns out just like the legend of the hammer a year ago with Snider I was right again. Crap.

Now I hope this all turns out to be nothing and he doesn't get the dreaded diagnosis from the good Doctor, but without any actual stats to back it up I would say it is usually bad news when he is called in for a consultation. This does call into the question as to whether or not the Jays could have known about this beforehand? I understand that it is standard to have a physical before trades are completed and most free agent signings, why didn't the Jays staff pick up on this? I hope its just really crappy luck, because the alternative is not good. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Notables from Today's game.

  • Jesse Litsch 5.1 3H 7Ks - Was great throughout the day, had a couple of double plays to help get around the innings where he actually allowed a hit. Most in the gamethread, Wilner and myself all agree that this pretty much solidified his spot in the rotation.
  • David Purcey - 0.2 IP
  • Shawn Camp - IP 1H
  • Jason Frasor and Jon Rauch both pitched an inning each to close out the game walking 1 and striking out 1 each.
  • Travis Snider 1-4 BIG HR 2RBI 2K
  • J.P. Arencibia - 1-2 1K
  • Adam Lind 1-3 RBI - Good at bat in the first inning that led to the RBI
  • Jose Bautista 1-3 R
  • Yunel Escobar 2-3 Continues his strong start on the spring, pushing his average up to .400
The Jays did have 9 hits on the day but didn't really have any sustained rallys. Still, a good game all around.
Tomorrow the Jays have a day off before they are back in action against the Phillies on Tuesday.

Remember to click on the picture to see more pictures from todays game.