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Bluebird Links - Who will be the 5th Starter?

Happy Monday fellow bluebird-ites. Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I managed to finish off Season 1 of Fringe last night, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I would recommend it for any sci-fi / X-Files fans. Anyone else watch that show? I am looking forward to getting into Season 2 this week.

On the baseball front, it seems there is only three men in the running for the last two starter spots, since the news broke over the weekend that Rzep is no longer in the running for the rotation. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that Drabek gets one of those spots. So who do you think ends up with the other rotation spot? It Litsch the front-runner with his proven track-record? Or is it Reyes, with his upside and his lack of options?

Mat at Jays Journal seems to be leaning toward Reyes. He also provides the comparisons between the two. Wilner seems to be firmly on the Litsch bandwagon. Head on over and take a look at those articles and then let us know who you think gets the nod.

Lots of links after the jump.

Jays Links

d'Arnaud opening eyes at Blue Jays camp
Everyone seems excited about d'Arnaud's defense, and his confidence in handling a pitching staff. Hopefully he can stay healthy this year.

Adam Loewen continues his transition from pitcher to outfielder
It sounds like Loewen is figuring everything out with extra playing time. I have absolutely no expectation for this guy, but he could be interesting to keep an eye on in Vegas.

Drew at Ghostrunner wonders if Rzepczynski has a spot with the Jays going forward.

Johnny Mac!
The Ack celebrates Johnny Mac.

Making something out of numbers that mean nothing
The Tao attempts to draw a few conclusions from the 'fake games'.

Fat Cats hope for Jays farm team
I would love to see another Jays farm team in Canada, but I have no idea which level it would be.

Dustin McGowan still hopeful to start for Blue Jays
Jared Macdonald at the Good Point interviewed McGowan after the news broke that the Jays were converting him to a reliever.

"I'm fine with it, I mean right now I think it's the easiest way to really monitor my pitches and throwing. It's different when you're starting and throwing 80 to 100 pitches, you never know how you're going to react and come back. It's a just a way that they can keep watch on me."

Despite being supportive and understanding of the Jays' decision on his development, McGowan views it as a stepping stone, as he hopes to return to the mound as a starter sometime down the road. "Down the line, I hope to start again," McGowan said. "It's mostly all I've done in my life."

Hill slated to join team at beginning of week
And other Jays notes.

Around the League

My Mother’s Basement
Joe Posnanski with a shot at the 'anti-stat' crowd. And a follow up post here.

Was 2010 The Year of the Rookie?
Pretty much.

Wood's Time With Angels Running Out?
Sounds like Brandon Wood will be on the move. Anyone interested in taking a chance on this guy if he becomes available?

The Tyranny Of The Corner Label
Dave Cameron doesn't like how players are labelled as either 'up the middle guys' or 'corner guys'.

Levels of Opposition
Magpie at Batter's Box looks at AL records against good, mediocre and bad teams.