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Game Thread: Phillies and Jays

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Our Jays are playing the Phillies, yet again today. The game is on MLB Audio, which isn't near as much fun as being there but at least I won't get sun burnt.

The good news? Aaron Hill is in the lineup and is to get 3 at bats. And Ricky Romero is starting after missing his last start with a finger problem.

Our lineup:

Davis CF

Escobar SS

Bautista DH

Lind 1B

Hill 2B

Encarnacion 3B

Snider LF

Rivera RF

Arencibia C

I wonder how close that is to our opening day lineup? EE won't play third but the order? Chad Cordero is also to pitch for the first time in an A game.

If you are listening to the game, join us in the thread. I'll be in and out, I am trying to catch up on life after a week away from it.