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Bluebird Links Extravaganza

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Lots of interesting reading today on a snowy Wednesday.  Anyone else having fun in the snow this morning?  My area got a nice little dumping last night and it's still going this morning.  I'll highlight a few of the 'must-read' articles here on the front page, and head on over the jump for the rest.

Farrells, Anthopouloses and Blairs, Oh My
Stoeten at Drunk Jays Fans gives us the coles notes version of recent John Farrell and Alex Anthopoulos interviews on the Fan590. Some quotes from Farrell, and AA talks Aaron Hill, the rebuild, Francisco, Farrell, EE, the Rotation, Lawrie, Rivera, JPA, Romero and Jose Bautista. So pretty much everything to do with the team. Good stuff.

Emmanuel Garcia learned he had testicular cancer from flunked performance-enhancing drug test
Met's minor leaguer (and Canadian), Emmanuel Garcia, went through some tough times last year. Failed a drug test, swore he didn't take any steroids and found out that he had cancer. A must read.

Chad Cordero tries to hold life, career together after losing daughter to SIDS
If you weren't rooting for Cordero before, I'm sure this will help.

Jays Links

Hill ‘guarded’ in return from injury
Hill was back, but was taking it easy. Not the most encouraging sign:

And Hill was noticeably reserved when asked if he thought he would be ready to open the season April 1. "I can play," he said. "It’s going to be their decision, if they want to go forward with me being 80, 90 or whatever percent. I’m ready, but still guarded a little bit."

He was unable to break normally from the batter’s box, or chase two pop-ups down the line, or reach a ground ball in the hole between first and second.

More questions than answers after Hill returns to lineup
Griffin has a piece on Hill too - mostly regarding the options in his contract. A few more quotes from Hill as well.

Lefty a lock? Jo-Jo hopes so
"What's it gonna be, Jo-Jo?" That popped into my head - I think it's from Bad Boys. But seriously, bullpen or rotation? Because it sounds like he'll be coming north.

A Feel-Good Tuesday
Wilner's Tuesday recap. Despite the loss, things sound good in Blue Jay land. Ricky felt good, Hill played, Cordero pitched, Francisco is 'structurallysound', Rzep looked good in the 'pen and JPA had a good game (throwing out two would-be base stealer's).

What now for Kyle Drabek?
Jeff Blair wonders if Drabek can get enough K's to be a true ace.

Tom Henke was not a Hall of Famer… but he could have been
Paul Sullivan at The Hardball Times plays the what if game with The Terminator.

Dear Bullpen – Now What?
The 500 level fan is grateful for the bullpen depth. A quick look at the numbers and injuries from the Spring, and who it benefits.

Adam Lind, Genius
Lind has a bit of a surprising pick for the best player in baseball.

Would The Blue Jays Win The NL Central?
Parkes summarizes a Baseball Think Factory article about how the Jays would fare in the NL Central.

Around the League

Be Cautious With Lineup Analysis Tool
With all the lineup prediction happening at this time of the year, Jack Moore cautions against using the Baseball Musings lineup analysis tool. In general, just:

Take the best three hitters at #1, #2, and #4 (with power leaning towards #4 and OBP leaning toward #1). The next two go in #3 and #5. Then the worst four go in #6, #7, #8, and #9. This clean and relatively simple lineup analysis will rarely lead you astray.

Is Marco Scutaro Clearly The Starting Shortstop For The Red Sox In 2011?
It's either Scutaro or Lowrie. Not the best options for the Sox at SS.

Bobby Cox entering Braves' Hall of Fame
Apparently the Brave's are retiring Cox's jersey number. Anyone have any idea how many managers have their numbers retired?

Average Free Agent Prices By Position
MLB Trade Rumors breaks it down.