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Blue Jays 27th Most Valuable MLB Team: Forbes

Forbes has it's list of MLB Team Values and our Jays rank number 27 on the list, just below the Royals but above the Rays, A's and Pirates.

Forbes puts their value at $337 million, just in case you have cleaned out the loose change in your couch. That's a gain of 3% from last year. They also say we are one of two teams with no debt, the Braves being the other. And they list our revenue at $168 million for last year, a wee bit below the $427 million the Yankees brought in, almost twice that of the second most valuable team, the Red Sox who brought in $272 in revenue.

The actual value of the Blue Jays to Rogers might be a whole different thing than the what Forbes lists them at. With roughly a 107 sports cable channels, a sports radio network, and a website, the 162 three plus hour games represents a fair amount of programming time. The value to Rogers might is likely a whole different thing than the value Forbes puts on them. So you might have to scrap together more than the $337 million if you want to make them an offer.

I'd imagine there would be a big jump in value if the Jays were to make the playoffs. Being in a large market and having every game on TV across the country, if they were to start winning, the ratings go up and more people show up at the park. Their attendance could easily double in the next two years.

A couple of other things from the list. The biggest drop in franchise value goes to the Mets (-13% but still 5th on the list). The biggest gain? The Rangers, which shows what getting to the World Series will do for you. The Giants value went up 16%. The Twins gained 21%, showing what a new ballpark will do. I wonder if Rogers will notice.