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Jays ... Yankees... two teams enter one team leaves - Evening Spring Training action

Lots of news on the day, Scroll down if you don't believe me. Go ahead, I'll wait....... 

So let's recap, apparently the team is worth money, Morrow is hurt and the rotation is now set with both Drabek and Reyes due to the aforementioned hurtness from Morrow, also word broke on twitter that the home opener has been sold out, YAY! Then the news which I am sure will upset the Jays talk callers crowd... Lawrie was sent to the minors. I think most people around the blogosphere understand that this is "likely" the best course of action for his development, if for nothing else to get more experience under his belt playing 3rd base.

The drunks touched on Farrell's interview on Prime Time Sports yesterday (check the link in today's link post) and for the audio you can check it out on the Fan590's website here. Fair warning Cox was the co-host on the afternoon and well we all know how "well" he can discuss baseball. That being said he did ask a few good questions to Farrell. The first few minutes were things that they ALWAYS talk about on PTS and that is about how todays is different then yesterday, Did you know pitchers don't throw complete games every time out now? They must be wimps. In the entire interview there was nothing that we haven't already heard but it did reinforce how well spoken Farrell is. Especially on how he tiptoed around how the Blue Jays were a one-dimensional team last year and how that made it slightly easier to prepare to face them. Also as much as I don't really like them, both Cox and McCown are voices for a large portion of the casual fanbase and is it nice to hear a lot of praise heaped onto both the GM and the Manager. Let's hope the team doesn't give them a big reason to turn on them.

Tune in after the jump for starting lineups.

For today's game we have Phil Hughes taking the mound for the Yankees and Jo Jo Reyes starting for the Jays. This will be a good spring test for Reyes.

Jays Lineup: Davis8, Escobar6, Bautista5, Lind3, Hill4, Encarnacion0, Snider7, Rivera9, Molina2 

Yankees Lineup: Jeter6, Swisher9, Teixeira3, ARod5, Cano4, Posada0, Jones7, Martin2, Gardner8

This looks to be exactly what our opening day lineup will be (of course substituting J.P. Arencibia for Jose Molina). Hopefully Hill can get into the groove over the next week and a half before the season starts. Although it is possible that he may be scratched on opening day. The Toronto Star's Richard Griffin (hey didn't he used to be the... ahh you know) had the following bit in his article titled More questions than answers after Hill returns to lineup:

When asked specifically if he felt he could get himself ready in time for opening day, Hill took a cautious approach, lacking the assuredness and enthusiasm one would hope to hear.

"I can play," he said. "Hopefully it'll be fine by then. It's just going to be their decision if they want to go forward with me being 80-90 whatever per cent. I'm ready, but I'm still guarded a little bit."

 I think its a bit unfair to say his return caused more questions. Basically at this point Aaron Hill was starting his first Spring game. Did anyone think he would be exactly where the rest of his teammates are? Who knows, I just hope he can get up to speed. He is one of the guys we need to bounce back in order for us to stay competitive all year.

Remember to keep it civil and GO JAYS GO!

Today's game is on Sportsnet, that is of course for everyone except Sportsnet West. You guys get Poker (Not joking either). I know its because they have a Flames game starting at 10 and they have an hour of pre-show stuff with Flames connected and Flames this week, but it still sucks for our friends in that part of the country.