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Poll Time

Bodog has come out with its 2011 baseball odds.

They give the Jays a 50/1 shot at winning the World Series, which seemed pretty fair to me, we are in the toughest division in baseball. But then I saw that they say the Mets have a 40/1 chance. Don't we have a better shot than the Mets? I mean this is a team paying their players in unsold Met Shop merchandise.

They give the Jays a 25/1 chance at winning the AL Pennant. 16/1 at winning the AL East (Orioles are at 18/1). 30/1 at picking up the AL Wild Card.

The number that really stood out for me is the Jays over/under number for wins: 76.5. I'm not a gambler, part because I worry that I have an addictive personality just hiding under the covers, waiting to get out and part because I never felt I had enough money to lose. But if I was, I gotta take the over, right?

Last year, if I remember right, they had us with a pretty low over/under number too.

Anyway, we'll put up a poll and a little later we will look at some of the other things you can bet on. For example Jose Bautista is 30/1 to win the MVP.