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With the slightest disturbance, the dream's going to collapse. - Spring Training Action Jays and Phillies

We are in the home stretch, less than a week away from opening day and I for one can't wait. Rogers Sportsnet has been running ads like the above one during every commercial break on the network and the sports talk shows have been talking about the Jays on a daily basis. It really seems like a buzz is growing in the city again, only this time it feels different. In the past couple of years we have been off to a hot start and the buzz in the city starts to come around at that point. This time it is almost as if the city is talking about the teams potential for the upcoming years. That we (as a fanbase) understand that this may not work out this year but this team is going to be special to watch in the next couple of years. Meanwhile I'm sticking tacks on all of the seats of the bandwagon fans. Hey its an initiation.

Some good news on the day is that both Corey Patterson and Jesse Litsch are doing fine after their trips to the hospital yesterday. For those of you who didn't know Patterson took a 95 MPH Bard fastball to the noggin during 8th inning action yesterday, he did walk off the field and the CT showed no damage and no diagnosed concussion, he is taking the day off but plans to hit the bike tomorrow to see how things feel. Helmets seem to be a good thing. As for Litsch, he was taken to hospital with dehydration, the NESN announcers were actually mentioning the heat in Fort Myers last night so it looks like it took a toll on Litsch. They had him hooked up to an IV and everything is fine now.

Today the Jays take on the Phillies, our Jays face off against starter Kyle Kendrick and send out a lineup of regulars courtest of GregorMLB and Wilnerness590:

Davis CF, Escobar SS, Lind 1B, Bautista 3B, Hill 2B, Snider LF, Rivera RF, Thames DH, Molina C

The only regular starters we are missing is Edwin and J.P. both of whom made the long bus trip up to Fort Myers to play Boston yesterday so it was expected for them to get the day (at least some of it) off.

With Spring training winding down it really looks like there is only the bullpen to sort out, It looks like our bench is going to consist of Molina, McDonald, McCoy and Patterson (provided he isn't hurt). Personally I don't see the need to have McCoy and McDonald and wouldn't be opposed to carrying a 3 man bench and bringing an extra arm north. Given the health concerns and relative youth of our pitching staff I think our bullpen may need the help this year.

Keep it civil and Go Jays Go! For Jays fans today's game is available on Fan590

Today's title is from Inception