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Sunday morning YouTube surfing

So after I was awoken by a 2 year old opening up my eye and asking "Daddy are you awake yet?" I decided to hop on my computer with my morning coffee to check out any stories on my google reader that I hadn't read yet. Only one problem... I stayed up late last night playing Playstation and reading any new item that popped up in twitter so my un-read list wasn't going to take much time at all.

I decided to pop over to YouTube to watch a few videos to help the morning go by a little faster. While watching what has got to be one of my favorite videos/commercials of all time (Guy Ritchies - Take it to the next level that he did for Nike), I wondered if there were new Jays videos floating around that I hadn't seen. Putting aside the video blogger rants and predictions which I always find entertaining, here are the some of the better ones I have seen.

First up is a new 2011 Promotional video, It has its moments.


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While not from YouTube, couldn't not show the new Sportsnet promo:



Next up, MopUpDuty has put together their annual OK Blue Jays Roster video



Finally for those who haven't seen it, here is Ricky Romero's Los Fearless Nike Commercial



Reminder that the Jays play at 1 today. They take on the Baltimore Orioles and Ricky Romero will be making his final spring tune up before opening day. The Orioles will be fielding a split squad as they also take on the BoSox today. Unfortunately it looks like a radio stream is the only thing that is going to be available. Jays will be on Fan590 network.