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Jays and Orioles - Ricky Romero's final spring tuneup

There are 4 games left to the Grapefruit League season. So far the Jays have played to a 14-12 record in the games that don't matter which is good for 6th in the Grapefruit league (And 5th out of all AL teams Spring Training records). Today's game will be on the Fan590 and it looks like that is all. Tomorrow and Tuesday we take on Boston and Baltimore before heading to Tropicana for a tilt against the Rays in the final Spring game before heading north to get ready for our home opener.

A couple housecleaning items, a few more cuts have been made according to Wilner

#Bluejays roster trimming - down go Abreu, Cooper, Cordero, Henn, Hinckley, Ledezma, Lewis, Thames. Leaves 32 in camp, including hurt guys.

No big surprises, although Tom will be sad to see his irrational fan longshot pick gone from camp.

Also apparently there is an issue with John McDonald that I must have missed completely. He hasn't played in a game since March 18th and was scheduled to get in a half game today but now apparently that won't happen. Hope he is ok.

Corey Patterson will try his hand at riding a bike today to see if there are any lingering issues from being hit in the head with a high 90's fastball. So far he has shown no signs of concussions so lets hope he continues symptom free as he is set to head north with the team.

For our lineup today we will throw all of our regulars at Jeremy Guthrie (h/t to Wilner for the lineups)

#Bluejays line-up vs. #orioles: Davis8, Escobar6, Bautista5, Lind3, Hill4, Rivera9, Snider7, Encarnacion0, Arencibia2 - Romero vs. Guthrie

#Orioles line-up vs. #bluejays: Andino7, Winn0, Reimold9, Fox3, Harris5, Pie8, Green4, Tatum2, Izturis6 - Guthrie1 vs. Romero

The Orioles are sending out a split squad team as they also face the BoSox today. It looks like we miss Vlad who has been absolutely tearing it up so far this Spring. Still as much as I like the guy, you have to wonder how long those knees can hold up.

Remember to keep it civil and GO JAYS GO!