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Blue Jay Vegas Odds

Yesterday I mentioned the Jays over/under number and a few other things. Today let's look at some of the individuals you can risk your money on.

  • Jose Bautista is 30/1 to win the MVP. It might be worth putting a few dollars on that. The only other Jays listed are Aaron Hill and Rajai Davis both at 100/1. That I wouldn't bother with. Players with the best odds: Miguel Cabrera 11/2 and Adrian Gonzalez 6/1. Alex Rodriguez is 10/1. Derek Jeter is 30/1. Of course, he'll get MVP votes as long he wears those pinstripes.
  • For Cy Young Ricky Romoro is listed at 50/1 and Brandon Morrow at 60/1. I'd go with Morrow if the team wasn't likely to be sat down after getting to an inning limit. Best odds go to Felix Hernandez at 7/2 and C.C. Sabathia at 11/2. Over in the National League Roy Halladay and Lincecum is at 4/1.
  • Jose Bautista is at 10/1 to lead the majors in home runs. I wonder what odds you could have got last year. He is behind just Albert Pujols and Adam Dunn, both at 7/1. Adam Lind is listed at 75/1. Aaron Hill is 100/1.

Jays over/under numbers:

Rajai Davis batting average: .282. That's a tough one, I'll say over but I'm not willing to bet on it.

Rajai Davis stolen bases: 48.5. I'll take the over.

Aaron Hill home runs: 27.5. I'm taking the under, sorry Aaron.

Aaron Hill RBI: 80.5. I'm taking the under again, Aaron. He's only been over that once in his career.

Adam Lind home runs: 27.5. I'll go with the over.

Adam Lind RBI: 85.5. Over.

Jose Bautista home runs: 40.5. I hope over, but if I had to bet, under. He can be under and still have a great year.

Jose Bautista RBI: 100.5. Over.

Brandon Morrow wins: 10.5. Over.

Brandon Morrow ERA: 4.40. Under.

Ricky Romero wins: 12.5. Tough one, I'm a fan, I'm taking over. 

Ricky Romero ERA: 3.95.  Under.

Brett Cecil wins: 10.5. Over I hope.

What say you?