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Mets New Second Baseman, Brad Emaus

It looks like Brad Emaus has made the Mets, at least if you believe Jon Heyman. That mans he will be staying with the Mets at least for now. As a rule 5 pick up, he has to stay on the 25 man roster all season or he has to be offered back to the Jays. 

I still think it was a mistake to have left Emaus availible to in the draft. If he could be given a starter's role in the majors, he had some value. We could have gotten something for him if he had no value to us. 

I know to add him to the 40-man roster, someone would have had to be moved off it. I can't believe there wasn't someone that wouldn't have been picked in the draft or wouldn't have any value to the Jays. Sean Henn perhaps? Can you imagine anyway he ends up pitching for the Jays?

I guess it isn't a big deal, but I'd like the team to get something out of every player that has any value. If we aren't going to use him, trade him for something we might use.  A younger prospect or something. 

But I'm not sure we couldn't use Emaus. As the team is set up now, if Hill was to miss some time with an injury wouldn't Emaus be a better choice to fill in than anyone we have on the roster at the moment?

Anyway, Emaus has had a nice spring for the Mets. He hit .289/.396/.444 and apparently played good enough defense at second for the Mets to feel confident that he can handle the job. Then the Mets were comparing him to Luis Castillo. Not exactly a Gold Glove type. I think Emaus will be fine at second, maybe not great range but I think he'll make a play on any ball he can get to. 

I hope Brad has a great season for the Mets, I just wish we would have gotten some value back for him.