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Second Last Spring Game Thread: Jays at Orioles

So an eventful morning, very surprising to hear that guys are changing positions with 2 days left of spring training. Not that I think it is a bad move. Rivera has a great arm, not quite Bautista great, but he doesn't cover much ground. It is possible that the Jays were playing him there to showcase him for a trade. Bautista would clearly rather play outfield and he really didn't look great at third. Rivera can DH until the team finds a trade for him and/or Cooper or Thames or Lawrie is ready.

I do have a question. EE was playing first this spring with the idea that he would spell Lind on occasion, so Adam can clear his head, now and then. I wonder who will get that job now. Rivera played some first for the Angels last year, but he hasn't played there at all this spring. 

Today's game is on MLB Audio unfortunately it is only the Baltimore feed. 

Our lineup:

Davis: CF

Escobar: SS

Bautista: RF

Lind: 1B

Hill: 2B

Rivera: DH

Snider: LF

Encarnacion: 3B

Arencibia: C

Brett Cecil is the starter. Hoping to get 6 innings in.