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Game Thread: Last Spring Game, Jays @ Rays

Happy, happy, the end of spring training, just 2 days till the home opener. Even the sun is out on my little outpost on the edge of humanity. 

And it is on Sportsnet. The game is at the lovely Tropicana Field, which I drove past a few times and stopped at twice in an attempt to find the fan shop open, to find something to bring home to kids. Their fan shop, apparently, was only open a couple of days a week and limited hours on those days. And this was just a few days before the start of the season. How many fans will show up?

Jays lineup:

Davis: CF

Escobar: SS

Bautista: RF

Lind: 1B

Hill: 2B

Rivera: LF

EE: 3B

Molina: C

Arencibia: DH

Jo-Jo Reyes gets his last warm up for the season. He has a 3.32 ERA so far this spring.

I'm hoping that Snider is just out of the lineup just to be careful. He's had 52 at bats this spring so he should be ready to go. 

Some spring trivia:

  • Davis and EE are leading the team in home runs with 4 each.
  • Hill is leading in batting average at .524 but that's just 21 at bats. Rivera is leading among the players that have had a reasonable number of at bats with at .404. Escobar is at .391.
  • Bautista leads with 13 RBI.
  • Davis leaves in runs with 14.
  • Gose leads with 9 steals, Thames is second at 6 and Patterson had 4. 
  • Romero and Litsch lead the pitchers with 20 strikeouts.