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Pleased To Meet Me: Introductions!

Putting this back up top for a bit.

Hi everyone.  Once a year, right before the season begins we do an introduction post for members of the community to introduce themselves so we can all get to know the folks we'll be game thread-ing and blogging with.  It's become quite a popular post.  As with past years, we'll leave this open and post it to the main page so newcomers can get a crash course in B^3.  Please introduce yourself in the comments, and feel free to add categories if you are so inclined.  Without further pleasantries:


Name: Tom 

Location: Calgary, AB
Current Favorite Jay: Like asking my favorite son. Brandon Morrow
Favorite All-Time Jay: Pat Hentgen 
Favorite Non-Jay: Roy Halladay (current) Gary Carter (All-Time)
Metaphysical Position on the Diamond: Center Fielder, Always could shag flies. In my mind I am fast.
Stepping to the Plate Music: Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young) have to figure if I am in the majors I have been doping. 
When Not Bluebird Bantering: driving boy to hockey/baseball/whatever other sport, play guitar, try find time that we can do the next podcast. 
Food/drink: Beer (Killkenny Irish Cream Ale)/Cheese doodles of course.
Website I visit the Most (other than Bluebird Banter):, ramblings of a writer I like.


Name:  JohnnyG
Location:  London, Ontario
Favourite Current JayAaron Hill
Favourite All-time JayRoy Halladay, Kelly Gruber
Favourite Non-Jay:  Vlad
Metaphysical Position on the Diamond: 2nd Base
Stepping to the Plate/Coming Out of the Bullpen Music:  "The Game has changed" - Tron Soundtrack
When Not Bluebird Banter-ing, I: Likely working, spending time with the wife and my twin 2 year old girls. Playing a lot of PS3 and generally putting around the interwebs
Typical Food/Beverage Accompaniment to Jays game:  Some form of chips (Likely party mix) and a drink, Rye and Coke or just straight Rye
Website I Visit The Most (other than Bluebird Banter):  Does Twitter count? and forums
Name:  Hugo
Location:  Washington DC
Favourite Current JayRicky Romero
Favourite All-time Jay:  Doc Halladay, Jimmy Key
Favourite Non-Jay:  Ichiro (current), Barry Larkin (all-time)
Metaphysical Position on the Diamond: Shortstop
Stepping to the Plate/Coming Out of the Bullpen Music:  Crossed Wires, Superchunk (bullpen), The Harder They Come, Jimmy Cliff  (plate)
When Not Bluebird Banter-ing, I:  practice law, run, enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, 4-year old daughter, 8-month old son, and dog, play guitar, cook, and hike
Typical Food/Beverage Accompaniment to Jays game:  Spicy soba noodles, local microbrew
Website I Visit The Most (other than Bluebird Banter):  Kingdom of Loathing, xkcd


Name:  Ken (masterkembo)
Location:  Kitchener, Ontario
Favourite Current JayTravis Snider
Favourite All-time Jay:  Tony Fernandez, Devon White, Juan Guzman's glove and of course, Doc.
Favourite Non-Jay:  Josh Hamilton (current), Ken Griffey Jr. (all-time)
Metaphysical Position on the Diamond: 3B
Stepping to the Plate/Coming Out of the Bullpen Music:  Shattered Glass by Disturbed -  AKA, the Stone Cold Steve Austin entrance music (bullpen), Beer by Reel Big Fish (plate)
When Not Bluebird Banter-ing, I:  play with dirt for a living, am an avid reader, play softball and soccer, play guitar, love cooking, play board games with friends and try to travel to as many new places as I can.
Typical Food/Beverage Accompaniment to Jays game:  Whatever came off the barbecue, Carling (I wish this said Steamwhistle or Waterloo Dark though)
Website I Visit The Most (other than Bluebird Banter):  Pension Plan Puppets and misc. author websites

Name:  jessef
Location: Carbondale, IL
Favourite Current Jay:  Aaron Hill
Favourite All-time JayScott Rolen
Favourite Non-JayAdam Jones
Metaphysical Position on the Diamond:  2nd Base
Stepping to the Plate / Coming Out of the Bullpen Music:  Frankly, Mr. Shankly by the Smiths (bullpen), Drive by Gaslight Anthem (plate)
When Not Bluebird Banter-ing, I:  scientificate
Typical Food / Beverage Accompaniment to Jays game:  spaghetti agli'olio, india pale ale
Website I Visit the Most (other than Bluebird Banter):  wikipedia, fangraphs, kingdom of loathing