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Open Thread for 2 Spring Games: Jays vs Braves and Jay vs Canadian Junior Nationals

The games have two game going this afternoon. They play the Braves, which is on Game Day Audio and they play our Junior Nationals, which isn't.

I've come down with the worst flu, so I'm not likely to listen in too much. I think I'll be spending the day in bed, trying to stop shivering.

We lost yesterday's game against the Pirates 4 to 1 and had just four hits on the day. Of note:

  • Anthony Gose was picked off of first base in the 9th with the tying run at the plate. I'm all for aggressive, but you can't do that, even in spring. I guess it is a good reminder that he is young and has stuff to learn yet.
  • Brett Cecil pitched the first 3 innings and did great, striking out 6 and giving up just the one hit. I'm a bit concerned that he threw 60 pitches in just his second spring appearance, but they are closer to him than I am.
  • Scott Richmond didn't have a good outing, 2 innings, 4 hits, 3 earned, 2 k to take the loss. 
  • The guys that got us hits are: Davis (double and scored in the first), Mastroianni, Gose and Bautista driving in his first spring run.

Today's lineups after the jump.

In the Braves game we have:

Davis CF

Escobar SS

Bautista 3B

Encarnacion 1B

Patterson LF

Arencibia DH

Molina C

McCoy 2B

Mastroianni RF

Jesse Litsch throws the first 2 or 3 innings. I'm glad to see Mastroianni getting a good number of at bats early.

Aaron Hill was to be in the game against the Junior Nationals but apparently still has some soreness. He says if it were the regular season he would be playing. I hope he gets out there soon.

Wilner posted the lineup against the Nationals:

Gose8, Hill4, Lawrie5, Thames7, D'Arnaud2, McDonald6, Sierra9, McDade3, Budde0 - Alvarez1