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Tuesday Bantering and Jays @ Rays Open Thread

Between being as sick as I've ever been and that there is no real Jays news, I've had no urge to write anything the last few days. 

The closest thing to news is that the Jays signed a 17 year old out of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Tejada. $150 thousand, gets us someone that runs well and is athletic. 

MLB Trade Rumors figures that Jo-Jo Reyes is a trade candidate. It seems likely to me. I really can't see him making the team, but since there are a lot of teams looking for pitching, I doubt he'd be able to clear waivers. I'm not sure what we could get for him. Maybe he could be part of a package. 

Jays play the Rays at 1:00, but it isn't being broadcasted in any way. Can follow along on Game Day, though that's not very exciting. Today's lineup.

Davis CF

Thames DH

Lawrie 3B

Snider LF

Rivera RF

Cooper 1B

Molina C

Diaz 2B

Hechavarria SS

Rzepczynski gets the start. 

I sure would like to see Aaron Hill get into a game soon. 

Brandon Morrow, Joel Carreno, Henderson Alvarez, Alan Farina and Chad Cordero all pitched in a simulated game this morning. Morrow was to pitch against the Rays but the Jays figure the Rays are getting to see too much of Morrow, so they figured that having him pitch in the simulated game was a better idea.

If you are following the game today, we can use this as an open thread to discuss it.