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Blue Jays Spring Training Two Week Checkup

So, about two weeks into games, I thought it'd be worth checking in as to how our players are doing in their bids for roster spots.  I excluded guys who are already settled into their roles and so aren't competing for anything, and those who haven't spent any time at AA and/or really have no shot at making the team.  Stats are as of and including today's performance:

Rajai Davis:  Doesn't really need to make the team, but could be competing for playing time.  Showing a bit of pop, with a home run and two doubles thusfar this spring.  Has also drawn a couple of walks in his 22 plate appearances. 

Jonathan Diaz:  No real chance to make the team, but has seen a fair bit of playing time thusfar.  Hasn't done much with the bat, but has looked solid in the field. 

Scott Podsednik:  Dealing with plantar fasciitis, Pods hasn't yet made an appearance.  

Corey Patterson:  Hitting just .158/.158/.211 in 19 plate appearances.  The Podsednik injury has probably helped his chances of making the team, though.  

Eric Thames:  Hitting an impressive .316/.364/.632 with two walks, a double, a triple, and a home run in 21 plate appearances.  A very nice spring for him so far, but with no experience above AA he's likely ticketed for the minors.  Still, a good sign for the Jays' outfield depth going forward.

J.P. Arencibia:  A lock to make the team, it would seem, but has just 1 hit in 22 plate appearances thusfar (a single).  He has drawn 4 walks which is nice, although the 7 Ks are less so.  

Brett Lawrie:  Hitting .333/.333/.556 and looking good in the field at third.  I don't see any way he makes the team out of camp, but it wouldn't surprise me to see him around the all-star break.  

David Cooper:  Looking decent at the plate so far (.375 OBP and as many walks as Ks) though has yet to hit an extra-base hit.  

Mike McCoy:  His options may mean he doesn't make the team, but his versatility is nice to have a short flight from the bigs.  .214/.353/.286 over 16 plate appearances

Darrin Mastroianni:  Jays don't appear to be giving him much of a chance to make the team (he's been used more as a defensive replacement and has just 14 plate appearances in the 10 games in which he's appeared) .231/.286/.231.

Adeiny Hechavarria:  obviously not going to make the team out of camp, but it's been fun to watch him play a bit.  no hits yet in 10 plate appearances, though he does have 2 walks.  



Marc Rzepczynski:  Has looked better of late, with a pretty decent performance his last time out.  Still, with 3 walks and 4 Ks over 5 2/3 innings (4.76 ERA), he'll have to show a bit more.  

Jesse Litsch:  Making his case for a rotation spot, Litsch came back into camp in good shape and has gotten off to a nice start.  Has not given up any runs over his 5 innings so far, with 5 Ks and no walks and just 2 hits.  

Brad Mills:  Probably can't make the team out of spring barring a rash of injuries, but making his case for a callup when the time comes.  Has given up 7 hits over 5 innings, but only two runs and no walks (4 Ks).  Had a very nice 3-inning appearance out of the bullpen his last tiime out, stranding the bases loaded after entering with the bags juiced and no outs.  

Jo-Jo Reyes:  If only the Jays played their spring games in Tuscon.  Reyes is out of options but hasn't yet made his case, with 3 walks and just 2 Ks over 5 innings.  

Zach Stewart:  Not sure he has any real chance at cracking the rotation, but certainly getting a chance to show the team what he has for later in the season.  I would be surprised to not see him get his shot sometime this year.  Zach has had some control issues (4 walks in 4 2/3 innings) but has struck out 5.  His second outing was much better than his first.  

David Purcey:  Hasn't made his case for a more prominent bullpen role, with 4 walks and a HBP in 4 innings (2 Ks) and 4 hits given up (2 runs).  As the number one lefty you'd think he's a lock to make the team, but if you can't throw strikes it doesn't really matter with which arm you throw.  

Robert Ray:  I don't think he's a frontrunner for a spot, but he seems healthy and has struck out 4 over his 4 innings without walking anyone (though he has hit two batters).  

Carlos Villanueva:  Making his case to make the team, Villanueva has kept a clean sheet in his three innings, with 3 Ks and no walks.  Has looked quite good so far.  

Octavio Dotel:  A rough start to the spring, with 9 hits given up in 3 innings.  At least he hasn't walked anyone, but I wonder whether age is catching up.  Still, at his salary it doesn't matter how he pitches this spring.  If he is healthy he'll come north.  

Casey Janssen:  Another guy fighting for a bullpen spot, Janssen's options work against him but he has looked great so far this spring, with three shutout innings, 3 Ks to no walks, and his usual bevy of ground ball outs (2 GO/AO).  It'd be a shame for him to get cut just because of his options if he continues to pitch so well.  

Shawn Camp:  I can't imagine he's really fighting for a job, but for the sake of completeness Camp has pitched just 2 innings this spring so far. He's given up 1 run, and has 2 Ks to no walks.  

Kyle Drabek:  slow start due to some health issues.  Drabek looked solid in his first and only outing, with 3 Ks and no walks in 2 innings.  Tons of grounders. 

Jon Rauch:  A lock for the team, one would think, Rauch has thrown two scoreless innings thusfar. 

Josh Roenicke:  Josh hasn't stuck in the majors despite excellent stuff, and is slouching towards 30, but he's had a nice start to the spring, with two scoreless innings and a 3:1 K/BB ratio.  

Scott Richmond:  Everyone's favourite story, Richmond, has only gotten into one game this spring and it didn't go well for him.  He'll look to settle down next time.