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Happy Birthday Jesse Litsch

Jesse Litsch turns 26 today. 

Must be pretty nice to be 26 and have 2 seasons of sub-4.00 ERAs in your past. Course the two years since haven't been as much fun. After Tommy John surgery in 2009 and surgery to repair a 'labral tear' in his hip last year, he looks fit and healthy again. 

So far this spring he has pitch 5 scoreless innings, allowing just 2 hits and picking up 5 strikeouts. 

It is great to see him back and throwing well again. At very least it looks like he will make it tough for the Jays not to put him in the rotation. 

I've mentioned before how great he was playing children at the Y here in Calgary. I like people that are good with kids, so he made a fan out of me.

Happy Birthday, Jesse. Hope it is a good one.