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Jays Sign Dewayne Wise

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I missed this yesterday, some lousy baseball game had my attention, but the Jays signed Dewayne Wise to a minor league contract. Dewayne hit 250/.282/.393 for us last year (funny my memory had him hitting better than that). He is having bunion troubles at the moment, but with Rajai Davis and Scott Posednik hurt, we could use some depth in CF.

I'm not sure why Darin Mastroianni isn't being considered as a fill in or back up in CF, he is having a good start to his season in Vegas, .364/.417/.364. I can't see us being worried about burning options up for him, he's not thought of as a big time prospect, but he could be useful as a back up with his speed and defense. I don't know that he would be worse than Dewayne Wise. 

Of course, this signing has the little voice in the back of my head saying 'I wonder if they figure Davis will be out longer than 15 days'. Or if they don't think Scott Posednik will be able to play any time soon. Odds are it means nothing at all and we won't see much, if any, of Dewayne this season.