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Blue Jay Designate David Purcey For Assignment

So it has happened, David Purcey has been designated for assignment. They have 7 days to place him on waivers, trade or release him. 

Also Rajai Davis was officially put on the DL and instead of McCoy being called up, the Jays will recall Casey Janssen and Brad Mills from Vegas. I guess they figure they need a couple more arms in the bullpen more than a backup in CF. 

It isn't much of a surprise after how Purcey pitched this spring and early this season. I was surprised John Farrell could find spots to put him into games. I'm sure, after yesterday, there was no way he could use him anymore. I know it is hard to give up on someone that can throw that hard.

No sure what will happen with Purcey, I guess the team will look for a trade but I can't see one happening when teams know he'll be on the waiver wire in just a few days. 

Good news is that Janssen is back, he really didn't deserve to be sent down in the first place but when you are one of few that has options left, things like that happen.